Your Template Here

Create an HTML page using whatever layout and sizing you like. Link to your own stylesheets for consistency with your main website. Then place the word [ minisite ] where you want our MiniSite to appear. Our system automatically inserts the latest content and serves it to your readers.


When your navigation changes, you can log into our admin panel and upload a new template. Or, just use an iframe to share code from your main website. We don't stand between you and your regular web updates.

In addition to your standard site navigation, MiniSites are a great place to link to existing revenue drivers. You can create any connections you like between different areas of your site. MiniSites can offer gateways to:

  • Coupons
  • Directories
  • Mini-sites
  • Storefronts
  • And more!
sample cards


Turn your favorite photos into free holiday e-cards. Choose from an array of designs, add a personal message, and store your cards for repeat use. Send your love to that special someone (or everyone on your list!) this holiday season with myPixelgram.


You can use the space around the MiniSite content to create multiple ad and sponsorship positions that you can customize to your market. In fact, you can create a premium sponsorship opportunity by inserting ads or custom navigation inside the MiniSite area using a special feature in our system.

If you use JavaScript tags for ad serving or site tracking, you can add them to your template, and manage your MiniSite pages with the same tools you use to manage the rest of your site.


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